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Joanne was fantastic and I enjoyed every session one of our sessions. Joanne helped me to become a more confident and authentic leader. I was able to manage and lead my staff much more effectively. I can also look back at my successes now with pride and confidence, knowing that I had achieved many goals and worked through some very challenging situations. Not only did I become a stronger leader in work I feel that my coaching sessions have also benefited my personal life. I feel much more confident in myself, and I can see where and when I need to focus my time. I really appreciate the coaching sessions I have had with Joanne and would highly recommend her. Liadhan McCourt
Confident & Authentic leader
Service Manager, 2023
I worked with Joanne after a serious incident at work which had badly affected my confidence, shortly after being appointed to a senior management role. I have been delighted with my progression under Joanne’s kind and expert guidance. She has helped me to greatly improve my self-confidence and resilience. I have much more confidence in my decisions and therefore find these easier to make. My dealings with colleagues are very much less stressful as are work social occasions. Working with Joanne has enabled me to free myself up from less important matters to concentrate on those areas of the job where my expertise can make a difference. As Joanne would say, I have “got my hands out of the coleslaw”. The outcome of these sessions is that I am once again enjoying my job and look forward to going into the office. I very much look forward to future sessions and progression with Joanne. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to work on their self-confidence, and to develop other skills, as they take on more senior roles. C. West, Director
Self confidence & resilience development
Director, 2023
“Grit & Grace, expertly facilitated by Joanne, is fantastic, it’s fun, informative and personally challenging! It’s a great networking opportunity with an excellent mix of people on the course. I attended the course at crossroads in my life and through positive discussions with peers on the course, and an improved understanding of “me” I gained the confidence and motivation to get the promotion I deserve. “ Niamh Flynn Head of Operations Transformation | Balfour Beatty CLG
Women’s Leadership Development
Sep 2019
“Thank you so much Joanne, for leading us through the fantastic Grit & Grace experience. The programme gave me the opportunity to recalibrate and make changes that were probably long overdue. Thank you again – I will be recommending the course to my colleagues and I hope that they get as much out of it as I did.” Carol O’Boyle Policy and Legislation Advisor, Dept of Agriculture NICS
Women’s Leadership Development
Sep 2019
Having recently participated in an ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring Certificate, the entire cohort commended Joanne’s professional ability, engaging delivery skills and obvious knowledge and passion for the subject of Coaching and Mentoring Mark Houston
Operations Director at Familyworks
Sep 2019
Joanne is a very knowledgeable and skilled coach. She steered me to identify solutions for myself. A very worthwhile experience.
S. McIlwee
Sep 2019